What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet. We don’t know what details of a truly sustainable future are going to be like, but we need options, we need people experimenting in all kinds of ways and permaculturists are one of the critical gangs that are doing that.

Dr. David Suzuki, geneticist, broadcaster and international environmental advocate

Permaculture design teaches us to understand and mirror the patterns found in healthy natural environments.  Allowing us to build productive, sustainable, cultivated ecosystems, which include people, and have the diversity, stability, and resilience of natural ecosystems.



Permaculture Cairn’s vision for the Far North region is for a prosperous and successful society where many live by and benefit from the principles and ethics of Permaculture.


Permaculture Cairns is a non-profit community group. Our mission is to implement sustainable design systems throughout the Cairns community; the Far North region, through education, communal design projects; the shared individual experience of Permaculture.

Our Strategic Directions:

1.     Education.

We will hold regular monthly meetings open to any interested person where the content will be educational and support Permaculture practices. These meetings will be complemented by the celebration of International Permaculture day in May and the involvement of Permaculture Cairns the presentation of educational displays as part of selected local events. Separate Workshops and similar presentations will be arranged from time to time where funding becomes available. Members will be encouraged to enrol in available Permaculture Design Certificate courses.

2.     Collaboration.

In all our work we will identify partnerships that will enable us to expand our own efforts and the realisation of our purpose. Collaboration may include:

  • The formation of additional Permaculture Groups throughout the Region.
  • With our peers in other groups with an environmental focus to strengthen our role and support each other’s’ work and ensure a complementary application of our resources and skills.
  • With businesses that are committed to encouraging and supporting sustainable environmental practices.
  • Universities, TAFE, Local, State and Federal Government representatives where their involvement can advance the achievement of our objectives.
  • With Education Queensland in the negotiated delivery and support of programs that will introduce students to appropriate Permaculture practices.
  • Free Range Permaculture.
  • With Permaculture Groups and Organisations throughout Australia and the world.
  • With the recently formed group: – Permaculture Australia.

3. Operations and Administration

  • To continue to strengthen the administration structure of Permaculture Cairns in a manner that respects and values volunteer time while ensuring high quality communication and decision making procedures.
  • Explore all avenues available to take advantage of and apply Information and Communication Technologies, (I.C.T.) to facilitate communication with and among the group.
  • Seek out and access Grant funding to support identified projects with in Group.
  • Identify processes to enable qualitative and quantitative data to be gathered on the achievement of identified goals.

Benefits of membership

Belonging to a community of Permaculture enthusiasts and professionals brings many benefits to you… Here are some of them. And this is only part of what your membership offers you! Financial Members enjoy a discount on Workshops organised by Permaculture Cairns.

  • Enjoy the company of like-minded people who share the Permaculture passion.
  • Continue learning about Permaculture through shared knowledge & experience.
  • Have a garden working bee, design or consultation by our garden team.
  • See garden shows and events.
  • Hear informative and interesting guest speakers.
  • Receive the Permaculture Cairns newsletter.
  • Learn new skills through attending workshops and other activities.
  • Have lots of fun social outings and events.
  • Be involved in the subcommittees working on special projects.
  • Visit other people’s gardens and get ideas for yours.
  • Get access to plants and other resources through sharing.
  • Get help and information about care of chooks and other animals.
  • Enjoy the protection of insurance coverage during Permaculture Cairns Inc. activities.
  • Get up-to-date Permaculture news from the network.
  • Make new friends who have something in common with you.
  • Help do your part to repair the planet.
  • Care for the earth, people and nature.

Permaculture Cairns welcomes you into its community and the wonderful world of Permaculture.

Some ways that we achieve our goals

Workshops &  Working Bees

Part of Permaculture Cairns Inc.’s regular activity is holding Workshops & Working Bees. Workshops are designed to educate members and the community, on a wide range of topics that fit within the guiding ethics and principles. They are always inspiring and are a successful means of attracting new members to the group. Working bees give members an opportunity to learn about Permaculture and its practical applications by working on each other’s gardens. It’s a great way to share our energy and time as we support each other move toward a greater level of self-reliance to get to know each other in the process!

Our monthly meetings

Member’s feedback tells us that monthly meetings are valued by all. Each meeting includes one or more guest speakers, and members of the public are always welcomed. The agenda starts with newsflashes on upcoming events, followed by the Guest Speaker. A plant/product/tool of the month may follow and then discussions around projects/workshops we are working on. We have a refreshment break with food donated by our members. Movies that Matter finish the evening and the meeting usually ends about 9pm. To get better acquainted with other members and with Permaculture Cairns Inc.’s activities, do stay for this part of the meeting. We are always happy to have new team members so this is often a good time to contact a member of the management committee if you are interested in joining in the life of our community.

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