Permaculture Cairns welcomes you into its community and the wonderful world of Permaculture.

Unlock a world of exclusive benefits, hands-on workshops, and a supportive community by joining our Permaculture Cairns membership—your gateway to learning and meaningful connections in the realm of sustainable living.
Benefits of membership
  1. meet with like minded people
  2. learn through shared knowledge
  3. learn from informed and interesting guest speakers
  4. visit gardens on our bus tours
  5. learn new skills by attending workshops and events
  6. join in the fun of organising events
  7. meet new friends with similar interests
  8. join our new garden group to learn more
  9. gain access to plants and resources
  10. access to tropical perennial plants
  11. learn ways to repair our planet
  12. join in our social events
  13. monthly newsletter

Become a Member

Membership fees:
$30 for households/families
$20 for individuals
Direct Deposit the Membership Fees to:
Permaculture Cairns Bank Account,
Cairns Bank
BSB:  704966
A/c:  100009440
Ref: Your Name
The fees allow us to pay for all the ongoing costs of running the group and have remained unchanged since 2007.
One year’s membership fee 1 Jan – 31 Dec

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Committee 2024

Chairperson: Craig Phillipson
Secretary: Vaughan Griffin
Treasurer: Julia Norton