Growing and Cooking Tropical Edibles Workshop

Mar 5, 2017 | Events

Tonielle Christensen and Claire Richards

Tonielle Christensen and Claire Richards

Claire Richards (Author of “Tropical Cuisine”) and Tonielle Christens (Author of “The Incredible Edibles”) presented a wonderful workshop to a full house of enthusiastic particpants.

The Students learnt how to cook Cassava, Spanakopita, rice salad, and many tropical greens and herbs.

The day started off with the preparing of the greens and in an instant the room was full of wonderful scents of the fresh herbs and leaves.

People chopping the herbs

Chopping the Herbs

Everyone eagerly helped with the food preparations and our two hosts were able to impart their knowledge on the group as a whole as well as plenty of one-on-one time with the participants.

Group Photo in Class Room

Claire Richards teaching the class about Tropical Foods

We all got to try some new flavours of unfamiliar foods and learnt just a little bit more of how to utilise those plants that are growing just out our back doors.

Thank you Claire and Tonielle for a very educational morning!

Prepared Herbs

Prepared Herbs

People preparing the pastry for the Spanakopita

Layering the Pastry for the Spanakopita

People preparing Cassava

Chopping the Cassava

Dishes of Spanakopita resting on the bench

Spanakopita just out of the oven

People preparing a rice and herbs salad

The final stir of the best rice salad

Serving up the Spanakopita

Serving up

People holding books talking

Tonielle discusses her book with a couple of the participants.