Permaculture Cairns Expo Day

Jul 23, 2015 | Events

What a great sunny day we had. Lots of new faces, the kids brought their parents, the parents brought their parents all coming to find out about Permaculture.Chickens at Permaculture Expo

The kids loved the chooks and the snake.Snake at Permaculture Expo
Parents loved the snake, the wicking beds, the rocket stove, the demonstrations and the variety in the stalls.
The “Fair Food” movie from the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance was very popular and the discussion afterwards was well attended.
Our Guest Speakers, Yvonne Cunningham gave us insights into growing vegetables in the tropics, Cheryl Kemp told us about the shocking things being done to our food and Daryl Douglas gave a great run down on the Tesla Battery.
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Plant Stall Permaculture ExpoStall Permaculture ExpoWicking Beds at Permaculture Expo