Permi Day 2018

Apr 30, 2018 | Events



Permi day

Saturday 5th
May 10am to 3pm

Come join
us in celebrating International Permaculture Day

What’s happening
on the day

on Syntropic farming, How
plants communicate and more

Check out the Library and the Kitchen
garden.  Find out more about worm farming
or haybale gardening.  See the portable
wicking bed in action.  Buy a ticket in
our Wicking bed Raffle.

After lunch Neil
Fraser will talk about Native Bees.  Neil
is looking for houses with native bee nests in the Cairns area, so he can
create more hives.  Can you help?

Endeavour Foundation
 Learning and Lifestyle Building
Cnr Monk and Warner Streets

Bring a plate of food to share and let’s talk Permaculture, or worms or
compost or organic gardening, solar energy, recycling waste, saving the reef  or you name it ………

communities with sustainable solutions