One year’s membership fee – 1 Jan – 31 Dec
The fees have remained unchanged since 2007 and allow us to pay for all the ongoing costs of running the group.

One year’s membership fee - 1 Jan – 31 Dec:

Name of first applicant:

Name(s) of all other applicant(s) & DOB if under 18yrs):

Street Address:



Payment may be made at Meetings, at Bank or
Online Direct Deposit – Permaculture Cainrs Accountat Cairns Penny Bank in Grafton Street.BSB 704-966 Account No. 100009440 please include your Surname as reference.
Do you have a Permaculture Design Certificate?

Do you have skilled you would be prepared to share that would be of help to with Permaculture Cairns. Please give details below

Permaculture Cairns Membership Fees are due on the 1st January each year.